And so we begin... 
Things are underway in earnest now. The crew from Dakota Construction began by stripping off the sod layer and leveling up the building area. They are working with an extended portion of the lot so everything is properly graded for the insulated footing.

When this was done, they laid down a thick layer of gravel to protect the footing from frost heave. From here they will stake out the foundation and Paul's Plumbing will begin bringing in the sewer and water.

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Let's build a dome... 
Well, the beginning is finally here. We've got our contracts in place for our foundation and plumbing and we're ready to roll. Tomorrow, the team from Dakota Construction will begin preparing the site.

Speaking of the site, here's what the lot looks like from the street...

It's pretty cool what you can pick up on a county land auction if you just play your cards right. Here's an image from the back side. You'll notice a dirt pile on the south side, as the neighbor has a major renovation in the works. It will be fun to see who finishes up first.

As you can tell, the lot is quite long and narrow -- 44' x 150' to be precise. This is why we designed the house the way we did. The house should fit in quite nicely.

We'll try to keep this log updated as much as possible throughout the construction process. If you have any questions, just use the 'Contact Me' link above. Enjoy!


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