Honestly, I was Framed. 
Things have really started picking back up at TrinityDome. We're in the full swing of framing the interior with metal studs and starting to hang the drywall. The metal framing isn't completely solid until you sheath it with something, so we're hanging one side of each wall to give it some rigidity. This should make it much easier for the plumbers and electricians to do ther work.

Here's a shot of the large divider wall between the bedroom and living room. At over 12 feet high, it's actually a little imposing -- especially to hang drywall on. It will be a great place for hanging lots of pictures though.

This is the Master bathroom. The missing wall will ultimately be the location of a pocket door. To the left is the toilet, the sink will be in the middle and the shower stall to the right.

This view shows what will eventually be the "McDonald's Kitchen". We jokingly use the term to describe the kitchen since that's where the homeowners tend to eat. Although it's small, the kitchen will contain extra overhead storage cabinets, an in wall mini-pantry, and a full compiment of appliances -- including an under-counter washer / dryer combo.

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Houston, We Have Garage Door! 
Those of you who have visited the jobsite may recall that the garage door hadn't been installed in the spring, and we had sealed it up for safe keeping until time allowed for installation. Well, now it's done.

Here's a shot of the opening from the inside. In the end we did end up using some green treated lumber for framing the jam. This seemed like a much easier solution than firing up the shotcrete pump -- plus it will make it easier to convert the garage to bedrooms later on.

This view shows the brackets fabricated out of angle iron to support the garage tracks and springs. For those of you with curious minds, the red markings are spray paint -- used to help spot the anchor points while shorthanded.

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Green Green Grass of Dome 
A couple of the things we were able to get done are evident in this photo. First, we sealed up all the openings around the windows and doors to keep the weather completely out, then we relied on the heavy spring showers to help grow some "grass".

Here's a shot of the rubber flashing around the patio door. At this point it just needs some trim to finish it out. We have experimented with using synthetic deck boards for this function, but have found them difficult to work with -- and awfully heavy for vertical applications. It looks like simple cedar may be the better route.

Okay, it isn't actually grass -- mostly weeds. But it's green and makes the jobsite a lot less muddy!

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Time After Time 
Several non-dome factors conspired over recent months to keep us from progressing much -- let alone post anything on the web site. But fear not! We're back in action and moving forward. More to come shortly -- please stay tuned!

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The "Plaster Party" 
Wanting to get a semi smoooth hand-troweled look on a tight budget, we turned to friends, family, and local volunteers for the Great Vermillion Plaster Party of 2006.

About twenty guys from the tri-state area attended the six hour event, and here are the results. The Diamond interior finish plaster was applied right over the rough shotcrete, and provides a much more elderly and child-friendly finish down low.

This is what the surface looked like before we started -- it's pretty rough with sharp edges. You'll note the "test" patch of plaster where the bedroom closet will be.

Here's the same area at the end of the day. What a difference!

The all-volunteer crew did a great job, especially feathering around the openings.

Many, many thanks to all those who helped with the plaster! Your help saved countless hours on the project and it's very much appreciated. We'll see you soon for painting? :^)

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