And, in local news... 
Thanks to Loretta Sorensen of the Sioux City Journal for another nice article in the local paper.

The full article can also be found online here.

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We Want Spring! 
Most of the activity on Trinity Dome lately has been inside details, and doesn't show up well on photographs -- so we thought we'd post some pictures of the last snowfall.

Winter does have some positives -- sledding, snowmen, and... that's really about it. We want spring!

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Thanks for all your help, Pat! 
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Pat Meylor, one of Trinity Dome's owners, who died last month.

Pat was very involved in planning Trinity Dome, and helped as much with the construction as his failing health allowed. He had attended the annual Monolithic Dome conference several years back -- and was excited about the house ever since.

Although he didn't live to see the project completed, he was very proud that his wife would be living in a safe, secure, low-maintenance home for many years to come. Pat's optimism and personal appreciation of each step of the process was much appreciated, and he will be sorely missed.

More information on Pat and his life can be found here.

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We're still here. 
Recent life events have kept us from progressing much since the dome tour, but we are still here! In the meantine, we realized there were a number of updates we hadn't passed on -- so here you go:

First we had the split A/C unit and radiant floor bolier installed by Steve's Heating and Air Conditioning. Thanks to Steve for being willing to work on something a little different!

Here you can see the air handler mounted above the dining area of the center dome. You'll also notice the ceiling plaster has been completed.

This shot shows another angle of the kitchen and dining room ceiling. The homeowners wanted an organic, almost rustic look -- and we think we've suggessfully achieved it.

We also completed the plaster around the windoes and doors. First though, we used a creative combination of lathe and spray foam to sculpt around each opening.

Here's the living room window with a scratch coat of plaster around it. It looks like it will shape up nicely.

We're about to start the finish work in earnest, and will have more pictures posted soon.

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Monolithic Dome Tour 
Although it's not finished yet, Trinity Dome will be part of the 2006 Monolithic Dome Tour. We've gotten so much out of visiting other people's domes during this annual event, we thought folks might enjoy seeing the home, even while it's still under construction.

Someone will be on hand at Trinity Dome this Saturday (the 21st) from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. to give short tours and answer questions.

Scroll down for directions -- CLICK THE MAP FOR A LARGER VIEW:

To get there from Highway 50, turn south on Cottage Street -- it's halfway between the Wal-Mart and Holiday Inn streets. Then follow Cottage Street South for four blocks. When you reach the intersection with Dartmouth Street, Cottage will jog to become Center Street -- and Trinity Dome will be to your left.

We hope to see you soon!

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