Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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Shotcrete Complete 
The day before Christmas we wrapped up the shotcrete on the interior of the dome. Due to some adjustments in our available crew, this phase was handled as a two man weekend job over six weeks.

This is what it looked like inside the domes lately. Interested broadband users can watch a video here.

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We're Famous (Just a Little) 
It's been a crazy week, and the project is getting a lot of attention. People continue to talk about the "new dome in Vermillion." And now we're starting to get a little press:

Thanks to Judy Zwolak of the Argus Leader newspaper in Sioux Falls for talking with us and writing up a nice article on the project. You can read it for yourself here.

We're very grateful to KTIV , the most popular T.V. channel in Sioux City, for covering Trinity Dome on their news broadcast. Melanie Peterson did a great job, and was a pleasure to talk with.

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Exterior Finish Plans 
We've had lots of folks ask how the exterior will be finished. Since the airform can last ten+ years without coating, there's no rush to decide -- but we're currently leaning towards Permacrete or an elastomeric stucco -- both very low maintenance.

There are some other options at Monolithic we hope to evaluate in person this winter.

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Coating and Backfilling the Footing 
Once the footing foam cured, Tom from Weather Guard returned to add a UV protectant on it. This will keep the exposed portion of the foam from breaking down in the sun.

Here you can see the coated foam up close. You can also see where the sprayed foam overlaps and seals the original sheet foam used under the entire building.

In order to further protect the foam round the perimeter of the house, we used the new skid steer to backfill around the footing. This will protect the foam for now, and sets the stage for our final landscaping plans due next spring.

While we were at it, we prepared to repair the front sidewalk. It was pretty torn up during the sewer line installation. And since lots of college kids walk past each day, we thought it would be a good way to practice running the Monlithic Integrator cement mixer before the snow comes.

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